About Us

Advocate Maciej Bartnik’s Law Office provides legal assistance to natural persons, entrepreneurs and legal persons.

The scope of activities of the Legal Practice Office includes primarily the broadly understood  penal law. We provide assistance at every stage of penal proceedings beginning from preparatory proceedings up to and including cassation proceedings as well as in penal enforcement proceedings.

The Law Firm provides services and consultancy services for entrepreneurs understanding that you prioritise simple and effective solutions.

We also specialise in immigration law and matters related to the acquisition of Polish citizenship. We provide full assistance for foreigners in all proceedings before the Office for Foreigners. We are going to help you to obtain the residence card, visa and EU residence.

Advocate Maciej Bartnik also represents his clients in divorce cases, and other cases between spouses as well as in cases between parents and children.

We also offer assistance for persons who permanently reside outside of Poland.

The Law Firm provides legal services in Polish and English.

The Law Firm represents its clients primarily in penal and immigration cases , as well as in:

  • Business law cases;
  • Real estate law cases;
  • cases related to cryptocurrencies;
  • family and inheritance law cases

Family Law

Advocate Maciej Bartnik’s Law Office represents the clients in the following types of cases:

  • divorce and separation;
  • determination of existence and non-existence of marriage;
  • annulment of marriage;
  • cases involving marital property, including dissolution of joint property, partition of joint property, administering joint property;
  • cases related to the relationship between the parents and children (assistance in obtaining child support – alimony suit, ruling on family matters, establishment of contacts with the child);
  • parental authority; dissolution of adoption;
  • establishing parentage, including establishment of paternity by court, denial of paternity, annulment of acknowledging a child.

The Law Firm also offers representation in divorce cases to persons who remain outside of Poland, providing help in going through formalities and obtaining the necessary documents from the Civil Registry.

Business Law

The Law Office ensures full legal service for entrepreneurs, including commercial  companies and partnerships, as well as other business entities.

The activity in this scope includes in particular:

  • assistance in debt recovery,
  • incorporation and registration of a company, making amendments in the National Court Register (KRS), drawing up company agreements and partnerships agreements,
  • Providing current services to companies by drawing up and reviewing contracts, representation before civil and commercial courts during ongoing proceedings.

Inheritance Law:

  • ascertainment of the acquisition of an inheritance,
  • distribution of an inheritance,
  • pursuing claims related to bequest and legitime.