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Chamber's profile

  •     penal law
  •     immigration law
  •     economic law
  •     law of new technologies / internet law
  •     civil law 
  •     family law i law of succession
  •     copyright



Penal Law

    The Chamber specialises in the widely understood penal law. We serve you both before the Court of the all instances and at the stage of the proceedings performed before the public prosecutor’s office or the police (the preparatory proceedings), as well as before opening any official proceedings.
    Our aim is to limit or if it is possible to eliminate the negative consequences arising out of the participation in the trial, at the side of the defendant or the injured person.

    Our role is to defend in cases where you have been accused of committing a crime or you have been presented charges in the preparatory proceedings.

    We are also a representative of the injured person, the so-called auxiliary prosecutor, representing your interests in the event that you were a crime victim (also a victim in the car accident).

    We provide you with assistance especially in the scope of: offences against property, health and life, offences of sexual nature, offences in connection with the possession of narcotics or drug traffic, transport offences,  doctor’s mistakes, fiscal offences and offences of economic nature.

    The Chambers prepares appeals from sentences of the Regional Courts and the District Courts, as well as cassations to the Supreme Court. There is also a possibility of representation before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

    The Chambers will also support you in the cases against offences and proceedings for the juveniles.

Justice while punishing not strictness justifies the power of law
Charles Louis de Secondat de Montesquieu
Economic Law

The Chambers provides comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs, both of companies of commercial law and other transactors.

The activity includes especially:
promoting and registering a company, registering changes in the National Court Registry (KRS), drawing up contracts of companies,
current service of companies through drawing up agreements and giving an opinion on them, a representation before the civil and economic court in the proceedings carried on.



Law of New Technologies / Internet law


      We provide you with assistance in all types of legal issues connected with new technologies especially taking the new medium, which the Internet is, into consideration.

    The Chambers can represent you, among others, in the event of the breach of copyrights on internet pages as well as charges of the possession of illegal content in the computer or its distribution via the Internet (for example, with the use of programs of P2P type).

    We provide not only the knowledge of legal regulations in this scope, but also the adequate mastery of the technical problems connected with the Internet.


    Our actions can limit to giving a legal opinion, giving advice or representing your interests in the current proceedings acting either as a representative in the suit or a defender in the trial.

  Family law:


The Chambers conducts affairs :

- of a divorce and a separation
- of establishment of  the existence or non-existence of a marriage;
- of the annulment of a marriage;
- cases involving spouses’ property, including the court annulment of the community, the division of the joint property, the management of the joint property,
- cases resulting from the relationship between parents and children (help with receiving alimony – an alimony action, a resolution for family affairs, the establishment of contacts),
- parental power, a resolution of adoption;
- a child descent, including affiliating a child to a putative father, a denial of paternity, an annulment of fathering a child.

The Chambers also offers assistance with the performance of divorce cases for persons, who permanently stay out of the territory of Poland, helping with the attendance to formalities and receiving necessary documents from the Registry.

Law of succession:

- the ascertainment of the acquisition of an inheritance,
- the division of an inheritance,
- the vindication of claims under the legacy and inheritance,

Civil law:

the preparation of petitions, proposals, appeals, cassation complaints, claims for the ascertainment of the discrepancy in law of judgement in force, motions for instituting a trial de novo and the representation of clients in legal proceedings.
Conducting cases in the scope of leasehold legislation (lease, evictions).


Drawing up and giving opinions of licence contracts and contracts to transfer copyrights.
The representation as a proxy in court cases for the breach of copyrights, a vindication of damages.