Before the Courts of all Instances

We are happy to assist you before courts of all instances, as well as at the stage of proceeding at the persecutor’s office or police (preparatory proceedings), also before  any official proceeding has been instigated.

We aim to limit or, if possible, eliminate the negative effects of participation in the criminal trial as the accused or the injured person.

We act as the defender in cases where you were accused of a crime or if you were charged during preparatory proceedings.

We also act as the represent the injured person – as the so-called auxiliary prosecutor, representing your interests in cases where you have been a victim of a crime (also including a traffic accident).

We also conduct cases in enforcement proceedings, including cases related to granting furlough or postponement of the execution a penalty. The Law Firm also handles cases on passing cumulative judgement, as well as in cases on expungement of conviction.

We offer assistance in particular in the scope of:

  • offences against property,
  • offences against life and health,
  • offences using new technology (computer and Internet crimes),
  • sexual offences,
  • offences related to the possession or dealing illicit drugs,
  • traffic accidents and collisions,
  • medical malpractice,
  • corruption offences,
  • white-collar crimes,
  • fiscal penal law,
  • cases under the jurisdiction of Military Courts,
  • as well as cases prosecuted as petty offences, as well as proceedings including juveniles.

Do you seek assistance?

Contact us to provide us with the necessary information in order to verify the scope of assistance.